Cassie Truman + T​.​C. Elliott - Strong Porter

from by Wintersongs 2011 by Songsmiths Anonymous Forum

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Strong Porter
Lyrics by Cassie Truman
Music written and performed by TC Elliot
copyright 2011


There's a chill in the air by the Churchill's front door
And outside the pavement is lashed by the rain
But we've got a few hours afore we must go
Back to hauling our cargo again

BMW say that we're slow on the job
But our hard work's something they never will know
For we drag all their cars through the storm and the gale
With a porter before we're to go

The Diamond's too old and too weak in the beam
They're to leave her for dead at the end of this run
But we'll have us a glass of strong porter for her
And we'll pray she delivers in sun

The hold now is empty, so a tiger-like roar
Fills our ears every time the waves buffet her bones
But we still carry on, for we're making for Kiel
And we won't ever leave her alone

Curse the fog and the downpour, the skipper can't see
And the forelight is broken, something they won't repair
I remember the time she was gleaming and new
Never saw you a hauler so fair


At a quarter to six we all heard a great crash
And the rushing of water prevailed o'er the blow
So we rushed to the pumps and swore blue at the ship
Who'd struck us and left us a hole

Oh, we worked as though we had each one been possessed
Every second that passed brought us closer to Hell
But the sea's in our blood and the ship is our home
So we grafted and fought with the swell


Now there came up the biggest wave I've ever seen
A freak caused by gales more like hurricanes
And it smashed us all down and the Diamond's capsized
And we're not making Ramsgate again

For my family's left back in Thanet alone
I can hear my bairns crying, my wife starts to run
As the radio says that a ship has gone down
And I drift to the light of the sun


from wintersongs, track released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


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