Kevin Emmrich - Red Fire Truck

from by Wintersongs 2011 by Songsmiths Anonymous Forum

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Kevin: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
BIAB: drums, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica


Red Fire Truck
(c) Emmrich 2011

Back long ago,
I remember a Christmas season
my dad always saying that
things happen for a reason

one year I prayed and hoped,
besides a GI Joe,
I would get my heart's desire in that toy store window

I said "God, I know you're near
please tell Santa I was good this year,
and can you ask him for me please...

bring me that red fire truck
with the dalmatian and bells
and ladders and a siren
and you'll never hear me crying
if you do this for me
you'll have no regrets
cause I'll never ask for anything else

Dad got laid off in November
tough to pay bills in December
mama cried, Dad said, don’t worry, it’s time for gifts
went to joe's last chance junkyard
scrounged for wheels and truck parts
we spent the week fixing,
painting, making it look sleek

As I sanded, my daddy hummed
His favorite Christmas tune
while in my mind the words went

(chorus again)

although I knew what was coming
I still ran down to unwrap
I swear it was my best Christmas ever

now 30 years later, my son’s request
brought back that memory.
I guess I could just buy it,
but my son deserves a better gift from me

You see, he asked me please:

(chorus again and tag)


from wintersongs, track released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Wintersongs 2011 by Songsmiths Anonymous Forum Iceland

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