Nadia Cripps + Michael Karns - Once Upon a Time in Winter

from by Wintersongs 2011 by Songsmiths Anonymous Forum

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Once Upon a Time in Winter

Keyboard composition by Nadia Cripps © 2011

lyrics and vocal Michael Karns (jamkar) © 2011

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Once Upon A Time In Winter
Before the silent snow
there was a little bird named White Wing
up in the freezing North
She had hatched with
her brothers and sisters
in her mother's loving nest
Watched so many new birds
and learned from all the best

Oh before she could even fly herself
she was losing crafty cats
and before she knew how
to make a tool
she was hunting very fast
In the days and weeks that followed
her blue eyes soon would see
the ground from very far away
as she and friends would
loop the loop with glee.

Now flying seemed so natural,
and hunting even more so.
finding insects, and berries
and bagels, and jelly candies.
That was how she met him
her favorite friend Dodger.
He showed her all around the park
where they loved to watch the people.

But one day she found a special nut
to present to her lifelong mate
and was struck by a speeding car
while diving down to fetch it.
There on the street she lay
breathing her very last
Dodger hurried to her
but soon her time had passed.

And up in all the trees.
Every bird on earth did gather
What did White Wing say?
The other birds did wonder.
"Watch out for passing cars
when watching all those people."
Then in solemn silence
The birds paid their respect
and ascended to the heavens
remembering her words.


from wintersongs, track released December 19, 2011
copyright 2011 nadia cripps and michael karns



all rights reserved


Wintersongs 2011 by Songsmiths Anonymous Forum Iceland

This is the 2nd collective album created by Songsmiths Anonymous forum. All available for free download
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Album #3 is Valentunes: February 2012
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